London School of Osteopathy Pediatric Clinic

The LSO announces the extension of our Pediatric Clinic on Thursdays with the addition of another room dedicated to babies, at Mayfield Clinic, Bethnal Green E2 9LJ, 020 89837133

baby pic 2

Babies and children ranging from 2 weeks to 16 years of age attend our clinic for screening and treatment.  Majority of babies present with problems which relate to stresses suffered during the birth process.

Some of the common problems babies are treated for are:

  • Flattening of head
  • preference for turning the head one side only
  • shortening of one sternocleidomastoid muscle
  • difficulty rotating and side-bending neck to latch on to breast
  • inability to fully open the mouth to breastfeed

baby pic 1

The National Careers Guidance Show 2018 review

NCS eventThe National Careers Guidance Show, in Olympia was held on 28th February 2018. This year the weather played havoc and many who normally would have attended could not attend. Train and bus transport from outside London was almost non-existent and many of the stands stood empty for the first couple of hours that morning.  Even those of us who came from London had to brave the snow and rain to get there.

Each year, for the last three years the London School of Osteopathy together with the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and the European School of Osteopathy, man the stands at the NCGS promoting the profession of osteopathy.   This year we were joined by the University College of Osteopathy for a brief time.

The NCGS gives us a great opportunity to inform Career Advisors about osteopathy as they in turn inform their students and draw interest to the profession.  Many who come to the show were unaware of the existence of osteopathy as a profession.   Our information was freely available to them and contact details were exchanged for further talks in the schools and higher education centres.

Although attendance to the NCGS was very much down this year at the start, it picked up eventually and was a good day for all involved.